I am writing to apply for a Student of the Master’s degree in Business Administration-MBA in International Business at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS). I am confident this course will enable me to pursue my career as General Manager in strategic market in an international enterprise.

I am Narayan Adhikari, permanent resident of Ayodhyapuri-2, Chitwan, Nepal, is a graduate of Business Studies (Master’s in Business Studies-MBS) from Nepal Commerce Campus (TU) has been working with the Deep Jyoti Enterprises as Marketing Executive, a trading company which trades Furniture and Furnishing items of home decoration.

I belong to the Brahamin community; I was born and grew up in Chitwan district, the central region of Nepal, and completed my primary and secondary level education from government owned school near my village. Due to prolong conflict and insurgency I had left my families at village and started living separately in the district headquarter Bharatpur for my study purpose. I had completed my Intermediate (PCL) and Bachelor degree (BA) from there. Finally I have completed Master of Business Study (MBS) from Nepal Commerce Campus, Kathmandu. Besides that I also have completed the one year’s Bachelor degree in Education (B.Ed.) from Mahendra Ratna Campus, Kathmandu.

During my schooling, I was always among top ten students in my school level, so my parents wanted me to join Humanities with major mathematics because at that time there was high demand of mathematics teacher at secondary school. But I am always enjoyed talking about business and thought of being a businessman during my schooling. Later I had decided to change my faculty from Humanity to Management and have got first division result in university exam because I am keen interested to make career in business sector. As for my previous educational qualification and experience, I have worked at Laxmi Traders as an Assistant Area Manager of Marketing Department, a trading company which trades agriculture tools and machinery goods. While working at that company I completed Master’s in Business Studies-MBS at the same time.

After getting knowledge and work experience, we started our own family Business in November 2013 and we have been running till now, In our company we divided the responsibilities such as my brother handles sales and operation and I handle marketing and advertisement (such as imports the Goods, market research, setting marketing strategies, promotion and advertisement). Though, this company is in the name of my mother, being an elder child of my parents, I, myself have been handling and operating this business. Due to this very fact, all the company financial activities have been done from my personal bank account. For your kind information, I have enclosed bank account details of various financial institutions such Everest Bank, Nepal Investment Bank, Triveni Bikas Bank and Mahalaxmi Finance.

Apart from my academic study, after my Proficiency Certificate Level; I worked as a social worker through different social welfare programmes, like in the field of women development, orphanage children, HIV AIDS programmes and Red Cross programmes which was conducted by our college. While pursuing Bachelor’s Degree, I was engaged in part time teaching as well as home tuition too at different private institutions and houses in Bharatpur and Kathmandu, which helped me to overcome my some financial problem. All these activities helped me to empowered myself to improve my leadership skills, communication skill, and make more responsible for the betterment of our society.

These days the world has become the small village due to globalization. I searched of getting an international degree from any good education providers from the developed nations. To fulfill my dreams, I have found that New Zealand is the best option for me. The reasons are quality education, world-wide recognized degree and affordable tuition fees in comparison to UK, US and Australia. The feedbacks from the people who had been studying there in New Zealand further encourage me to study in New Zealand. Even though I completed MBS programmes from Nepal, I did not get neither theoretical nor practical education related to business world or environment. As opportunities and complexities in global business environment is growing day by day, it is most essential to be updated with the same and feel myself to study MBA programmes in New Zealand. Furthermore, MBA is a professional degree in business management, based on practical programmes with theoretical and research underpinning. It covers a range of business disciplines which form the basis of executive decision-making. Therefore, MBA has the great scope all over the world—from developing countries like ours to developed countries USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

A global MBA from AIS is the key to achieving my career goals at this juncture in my career. It will enable to understanding at a cross- functional level of enterprise complexity and at a perfect stage to be able to apply such learning’s. Thus, I will be aware and well–conversant with the challenge faced by various business functions, such as information systems, finance, operations, sales and marketing or human resources. Such an education endeavor will complement my core competencies as a manager and equip me to utilize my knowledge and expertise towards the world class business strategies that will solve a variety of business challenges and enable my client to create value in the field of business.

To introduce myself as a business entrepreneur, I want to get an international degree from New Zealand at Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS). After finish my study I will apply for job search permit so as to gain international exposure in the field of global business environment. Then, I will back to my own home country and continue my family business where I can implement all the knowledge and skills gained from New Zealand. This step of mine helps me to recognize our business in national and international markets. I also further ensure that I meet all the admission and visa requirements as set by Immigration New Zealand to study in the city of Sails—Auckland, New Zealand.