Letter of Intent to Study in USA at Husson University

Nursing is collaborative care of individuals of all ages, groups, families, communities to provide preventive, curative and primitive health services. Nursing has become an enormous opportunity to set a stable future. One thing that fascinates me about choosing nursing as a profession is the broad range of possible career that are available under the title of a registered nurse. The great Florence Nightingale has set an example worldwide through her kindness on the nursing field, however I believe creativity, intelligence and interpersonal skills go hand in hand with the kindness one holds.

United States of America has become one of the best destinations for international students to pursue the qualitative education in their desired field. USA has great hospitality and a friendly environment where students can easily get into its sage without facing any obstacle. The broad minded people of USA have been welcoming and providing pleasant environment for international students throughout the year. The United States of America also provides scholarship program to hard working and deserving students. This encourages students to be more loyal, energetic and determined to achieve their goal.

Husson University is one of the best academic institutions which have been providing qualitative education since 1898 to students all over the world without any discrimination in their race, language and ethnicity. Turning to Husson University is a logical choice and my only choice for under graduate education in Nursing program. Husson University has an affordable tuition fees comparing to most of the universities in the states for the same program. The average cost of a student for an academic year in the Husson University is $26176 where tuition fee is $15717, living expenses is $8579 and miscellaneous is $1880. In spite of the affordable tuition fees, I have been a recipient of President’s Global Scholarship from Husson University of $10,000 which will be distributed $2500 per academic year.

Husson University has been recommended by many who have noted school’s reputation and professional staffs. From all I have researched and known, what makes Husson University stand out from the rest is the undaunted interest in prospective students differing from other schools where a student sense a level of distance. I can rely on Husson University for my bright future which therefore inspires me to be a part of this academic firm. Bachelor of Nursing might seem easier from a glance but it is a very vast subject. To prosecute this major one has to have brave labor, skills, training, and a capability to implement theories practically. It requires assessment and evaluation as it decentralizes to provide successful outcomes to an individual, family, group, society, nation and the whole world. In this century, people have become more conscious about sufferings which are leading them to slow realization of the importance of health. In order to fulfill such need of formulation of health ideas and developed health plans, nurses and health personnel play an important role in caring and educating people. Thus, I want to become a skilled, educated and well trained nurse with a primary objective of serving people and gaining self satisfaction and happiness within myself.

After graduating and becoming an international registered nurse, I plan to come back to my home country Nepal and serve its countrymen. I am aiming to help patients of Asia’s Second Biggest Trauma Center under National Academy of Medical Science in Kathmandu, Nepal. It will be a dream come true to help and heal all the patients in Nepal or any other international hospitals with the training and skills I developed by being a part of nursing program from Husson University.

I am confident that I will achieve my goal of becoming a nurse. I can see myself engaging into work with full efficiency and loyalty gaining a high level of satisfaction by helping and serving people. I have full confidence that I can achieve all the requisite commitment and stamina to meet the challenge of the college curriculum and nursing job. I know that USA and Husson University has excellent faculty in the state. I hope I will get the privilege of continuing my studies at my desired University in the states.