I am a M.Sc. graduate in Physics from a prestigious university- Tribhuvan University- of Nepal and currently applying for a well rounded education in the field of Master of Engineering (Engineering Physics). I have completed my B.Sc. in physics from Butwal Multiple Campus, Rupandehi, Nepal. During my undergraduate degree, studying among hundreds of students in a class and being noticed by a lecturer was great achievement for anyone. But due to my interactive nature and good grades in practical and theoretical physics, I was among the best students in my class.

During my M.Sc. studies, my elective subjects were ‘’Solid state physics’’ and ‘’Astrophysics’’, but no circumstances ever hindered my pace to attend different seminars addressed by different professors on the relevant topic. I attended seminar on ‘’ Evolution of Universe (Astrophysics)’’ and ‘’Error Analysis’’ by Prof. Binil Aryal. Further I got chance to attend a seminar on ‘’Basic introduction of Plasma (Plasma Physics)’’ by Dr. Raju Khanal and on ‘’ Lighting in Nepal (Atmospheric Physics)’’ by Dr. Shreeram Poudel where I learnt about different types of lighting and areas of periodical occurrence for it because I always believed that no qualification or achievements can be the end point in the course of learning and could be taken as a starting points to commence the learning phase. My batch was first to help CDP (Central Department of Physics) with their exhibition on physics and was first to ever publish the first physics magazine named ‘’illumination’’ and I feel honored being part of the publishing team.

I have studied deeply about theoretical Physics. The more I studied on it, more I discovered my ignorance. I gradually began to realize the insufficiencies of my knowledge especially in experimental Physics because physics is the combination of both theory and experiment. So to increase the efficiency and quality of my work, it is imperative for me to study Engineering Physics to understand Physics thoroughly and apply it in right way in today’s world of science and technology.

After completion of my M.Sc., I chose teaching as a job because of my fond of interacting with students and personnel from different faculties. I got gradually promoted as my education progressed. Since then, I had been working in a school as a full time teacher and had various opportunities to attend different seminars and functions. My other areas of interest are sports; playing football, cricket, volleyball, and reading science magazine. MS excel, word and power point are my computer knowledge and my typing is good. I relished the moment when I was nominated for the training in “Ramat Negev International Training Center for Advanced Agriculture” in Israel ( from “Small Farmer Development Bank Limited” Nepal. It was my first opportunity to be familiar with the different student from different countries like Israel, Vietnam, Myanmar and where I learned about people of different religion, culture and language.

During my training I gained profound knowledge on the influences of radiation, temperature on the plants, how ph of soil affects the growth of plant and the role of greenhouses in development of plant. Furthermore, I got chance to study about Aquaculture and Breeding of Broiler.

At the graduation ceremony the group which was led by me was awarded for the Best Topic Report Award of The Ramat Negev Student Training Program 2013-2014 in “Growing Process and Protection of Sweet pepper Inside Greenhouse in Arid Land”. I didn’t let my training go as worthless; I have taught many farmers, who had been working on traditional agriculture, about advanced agriculture and helped them to enhance their life standard. Accomplishment of the pinnacle of my career has always been my passion. I am very much interested to enhance my knowledge about Nanostructures and Condensed Matter Physics. This field coincides with my favorite areas such as materials science, and nanotechnology, and relates closely to atomic physics, and biophysics, as such I feel enthusiastic and focused about it. But, in my country, extremely limited institutions providing education in my relevant subject lack latest technologies and the required exposure to enable a student gain global recognition. The relatively smaller, I would rather say ‘’ Tiny Domain’’ would just incarcerate me and my vision. Most of all, I would get no chance to acquainted with novel research undergoing within your university since ‘’research’’ is still not in the horizon over here in my country. I want to continue my education at a university department whose excellence in teaching, research and extension is widely known worldwide. So I have to look for possibilities abroad. The renowned faculty members, state-of the-art technology and infrastructure and most of all subjects pertaining to one’s interest along with ongoing research works on interested areas will entice any enthusiast to pursue Engineering Physics at the University of Maine. And I am no exception.

Being from developing country and trying to study in a country with lots of sophisticated academic environment and technologies means so much to me. Having opportunity to gain an experience on the lab work and technologies which my country lags is something like a dream to me. I believe countries like mine are the ones struggling because of the improper management of science and technology. So, I am sure that education gained from your university will definitely help me use my expertise in the field in my own country.

If I will get selected for this program, I will have the opportunity to learn from the best and the fact that I will study in an international environment will give me the privilege to create new relationships with people from different cultures. I am also aware of the kind of education and perseverance I will need to have for achieving the best results in the field and I believe my background will qualify me for such program. I am sure that my knowledge about physics will verify my eligibility for the financial assistance. The ambitions which I have would not be realized without a solid theoretical background and a strong real world experience specialized in an effective environment of a solid institution and I am deeply convinced that the University of Maine is the best way to concretizing the future I seek.