With the recent liberalization of the national economies in Nepal and growing affluence of the large middle class, study abroad is no longer just a dream for many students from Nepal. It is indeed a very viable option and we are here to fulfil the dreams of hundreds and thousands aspiring students. Abroad study, in short, is important:

  • To become a real student
  • To see the world and broaden experiences
  • To broaden views, gain new insights and outlook through new relationships
  • To learn new language, culture and a way of life
  • To shape and secure own future

On the other hand, study abroad refers to broaden the horizon of thinking, experiencing other cultures and learning different languages. Broadening horizons and Venturing in another culture can really help us to find out more about ourselves, as well as appreciate other ways of living and doing things. It also helps us to interact and understand each other, which is a big step on the road to more peace in the world. It’s such a great experience one can seldom achieve in the way of life! Does globalization not mean we are part of global communities?


  • Application Processing and Visa Processing for all destinations
  • Pre-departure session and On-arrival assistance
  • IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and GRE preparation classes
  • Student Visa Guidelines and Interview Tips